The Families of Poggioreale Sicily

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A Word About Family History Research in Poggioreale

If you are interested in genealogical research in Poggioreale, for many years I was the only person regularly engaged in that activity, starting in 1992. Since then I have spent literally hundreds of hours in the Poggioreale archives, including volumes never filmed by the LDS church, as well as in other towns in the area. In 1998, I created the first website, and for many years the only website, about Poggioreale. I have corresponded with hundreds of descendants of Poggioreale families all over the world and met with many in person.

After a few years of research I put together booklets documenting individual families. I gave copies to anyone interested, for just the cost of printing and binding, and gave a full set to the town of Poggioreale. These gifts were intended as references, not to be copied and sold. It has been brought to my attention by friends in Poggioreale and elsewhere that these booklets were copied and are being sold on the internet by someone I once considered to be a friend, a person whom I helped when he was starting his research many years ago as a highschool student, at a time when I was literally the only person in the world in a position to help. The booklets are clearly marked as copyrighted. They have been reformatted to exclude the copyright but you can be sure that no one anywhere in the world has spent as much time in the Poggioreale archives as I have. Ask anyone.

Before you purchase these stolen booklets, you might want to consider this. Those booklets were produced at the very beginning of my research. They are fragmentary and contain only about 10% of what I've compiled since that time. In addition, every bit of my research in Poggioreale is available for free to anyone willing to share their family's story with me. I'm currently working on updated versions in PDF format. Anyone wanting to reserve a free copy need only request one at the address below. Of course, these are available only to Poggioreale descendants willing to tell me a little about themselves and their families in return.

If you would like a free copy of "The History of Poggioreale, Sicily" by Father Francesco Aloisio of Poggioreale, translated to English in PDF format, please contact me at the address below. English translations of all of the works of Father Nunzio Caronna of Poggioreale are also available for free.

If you haven't heard back from me in about a week, it's probably because your spam filter is overly aggressive and my reply went directly to your spam or trash folder. If you don't find it there, check with your internet access provider to see if my email was screened. AOL is particularly bad about this, so you'll need to write from another account, such as gmail or yahoo. There's nothing I can do about it from my end.

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